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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mario Cake

This cake was made for Brayton who saw a photo of a Mario cake and wanted a duplicate made for his birthday party. What a sweet little boy and the look on his face when I delivered the cake is what makes me love what I do!
This cake was Chocolate on the bottom, Vanilla in the middle, and Chocolate/Vanilla layered for the top tier. All decorations are edible, including the hand-carved Mario on the top, made out of white chocolate. I also made 20 Mario cupcakes for the kids at the party. What a FUN cake to make!

Sesame Street Babies

This cake was made for twins Marin and Aidan who just celebrated their 1st birthday. The theme of their party was Sesame Street Babies. This was a chocolate/vanilla layered cake on the bottom and orange cake for the top tier. All decorations were made with gum paste.

Taro Turns 4

Mason's little friend Taro just celebrated his 4th birthday with a Star Wars themed party. The Yoda cake was vanilla and chocolate layered with an edible personalized print.

Tea for Teachers

My friend April and I just held our Annual Teacher's Appreciation Tea. This year, I decided to make individual cakes to mix it up a little bit. Two of the cakes were a Dairy-Free Orange Cake, One was Chocolate, One was Vanilla, and the last one was Vanilla and Chocolate layered. Each were covered in fondant and decorated with gum paste.